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Have a throwback moment with the retro-disco aka bohemian hippies era! Lots of Love will now take you back to the 70’s. Back in time, ladies were going crazy with the hip-hop collection and so were their kid’s. Vintage had no time limits and so is Lots of love. It has been the part of the world since world war I. Some fashion trends are just “Not-So” easy to go. They are brought back and merged with the modern attire and then the whole generation screams “Cool”. The only thing that truly matters when it comes to fashion is how you feel and what you think of your look.

We are going to display some of the master-pieces of that era. Get inspired from the past!

  • Little Black Dress: This popular dress is inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Following her elder sister’s footsteps, the dress has a big flared skirt, matching waist-belt for an authentic 1950’s Vintage look. This dress is extremely
    comfortable and gives a perfect flared look.
    (Picture Credits: Pinterest)
  • Platform shoes: Platforms shoes were the lifelines of that era. People of that era mostly like to style it with Flared pants or bell bottoms or simply jumpsuits. It helped them to match the outrageous thread of that era. They were then worn by celebrities like David Bowie and now people go insanely mad after Lady Gaga started wearing them again.(Picture Credits: Pinterest)
  • Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits were tailored out of silky fabrics. They were paired with platform heels. Industry performers from music to movies wore jumpsuits just as present day celebrities Jennifer Lopez, is bringing them back in trend.
  • Wrap Dresses: The beautiful day wear dress, was both comfortable and feminine. It was considered one of the classy and light garment among st the ladies. Presently we have wrap tops, that brings out a sense of versatility.
    (Picture Credits: Pinterest)
  • Halter tops: crop tops, halter tops, printed ones were toted as trendy. The tops were matched with hot pants, bell bottoms or any other fashionable pants. Now, days they are being styled with skinny jeans.
    (Picture Credits: Pinterest)


I hope that you like the 70’s ride with us and they were worth bringing back in the town.


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